Detox Program

This anti-aging detox program is a 60 day catapult to launch your life on a long trajectory that includes having your dream health, relationships, career and finances as your reality. This detox program should not be confused with “quick-fixes”  that promise instant effortless whole body detoxification. This is much more than a colon cleanse. 

The sixty days of this program include a selection of “Best Practices” for simultaneously cleansing your colon and transitioning into an anti-aging lifestyle. Two months provide time for the safe removal of all of the impacted fecal matter from your colon, conditions for establishing health practices geared for your longevity, and time for a personalized exploration of various aspects of a holistic anti-aging lifestyle.

The 60-Day Anti-Aging Detox Program is holistic in that it addresses a combination of physical, mental and spiritual aspects of detoxification. You can expect dramatic and life-altering effects in key areas of your life as well as in the health of your body. The average American adult over the age of 40 has 20+ pounds of fecal material impacted in their colon. Freeing your body of 20+ pounds of fecal material is a significant first step for living a longer, more fulfilling life.  Expect noticeable improvements in how you feel. There may also be subtle improvements in your outlook on life.

Anti-Aging Detox Program
Benefits may include:

  • Looking younger in 60 days than you do now
  • Reduced inflammation, body pain and joint discomfort
  • Regular, more comfortable bowel movements
  • No brain fog
  • A stronger sense of life purpose
  • Increased energy and physical endurance
  • Improved recovery time after exercise
  • Relief for PMS and menopausal symptoms…

                  Mood swings…

                  Emotional distress…

                  Hormonal imbalance

  • Improved muscle tone and joint flexibility
  • Reduced soreness and from physical activity
  • Rejuvenated skin tone
  • Increased interest /enthusiasm about the future
  • Better quality sleep
  • Improved hair condition and thickness.       Increased healthy immune response
  • Reduced bloating and size of stomach
  • Healthy paced weight loss
  • Decreased desire for alcohol
  • Permanent relief from digestive problems 
  • Increased energy and vigor
  • Robust heart and muscle health
  • Focused, sharp thinking
  • Increased optimism about life
  •  Less accumulation of toxic waste in the colon

This is not a cake walk...

The 60-Day Anti-Aging Detox Program  introduces habits and practices that promote longevity and empower a fulfilling second half of life. However, the program is challenging. The normal daily routine is disrupted with changes that may not start out as easy…

Your food choices will be restricted:

      1.     You will not consume alcohol, sugar, or caffeine

      2.     You will not consume wheat and gluten containing foods

      3.     You will not consume milk, cheese or dairy products

      4.     You will not consume corn, white rice, or white potatoes

      5.     You will not consume peanuts and peanut butter

      6.     You will not consume shellfish, seafood without fins and a tail

      7.     You will not consume refined sugars or artificial "sugars"

      8.     You will not consume deli meats, sausage and red meat

      9.     You will not consume highly salted food

     10. You will not consume hydrogenated oils

     11. You will not consume heavily processed foods

     12. You will not consume sodas and soft drinks.

     13. You will eat four to six meals daily

During the detox you will exercise regularly, take a variety of supplements, answer questions regarding the second half of your life, re-ignite or re-invent your life purpose and...

You will transform your experience of your body, your health and your Self!

Following the 60-Day Anti-Aging Detox Program will help you take more responsibility and give you more control over your physical, mental and spiritual experience of the rest of your life. The program is holistic, so it is wise to prepare to release mental and spiritual toxins, as well.

In the physical aspect of the 60-Day Anti-Aging Detox Program, you are about to interfere with the amount of toxins in your body that you have grown accustomed to. You may experience some symptoms of this disruption that are not particularly comfortable.  Some toxins briefly entering the bloodstream and digestive system before they are expelled and cause discomfort, headaches or nausea. You may also experience withdrawal from caffeine, sugar or other substances that your body is used to that are not part of the detox.

The distress of  withdrawal can  be moderated with drinking more water. You can minimize the potential shock of the detox by cutting way back on things that are not part of the detox (coffee, sugar, fast food, etc.) before the detox begins. Also make sure you get adequate sleep and eat a wide variety of colorful fruits and vegetables for several days leading up to the detox. Any discomfort will be temporary. The other side of this early period will actually become enjoyable.

This program is multi-faceted, and every element of the program will be useful to you even if your primary goal is not to create an anti-aging lifestyle. The changes to  daily life for some may be significant. Please review the instructions for implementing the various aspects of the program.

60-Day Anti-Aging Detox Program Implementation

Implementing the 60-Day Anti-Aging Detox Program actually begins with preparations two weeks before your first day of detox. The physical goals of detoxification are progressively realized through your diet and supplement regimen. A mental detoxification begins as you meet structured questions about the second half of your life and identify and release toxic self-limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging behaviors. The spiritual aspect of your life becomes renewed as you create a vision for how you want to live in the years ahead.

  The Detox Program Food Guide

The Detox program food guide gives you an understanding of what many experts recommend for a healthy aging diet.  Your food will help the cleansing process; assist in regenerating cells and will not add toxins to your system.

Eat more unprocessed or minimally processed foods. By doing so, you’ll naturally consume foods that have the amounts and combinations of fiber and nutrients that nature intended. Many factory-made foods, in contrast, are stripped of their natural fiber and nutrients and filled with ingredients made to stimulate the appetite. Processed meats, in particular, are linked with heart disease and cancer. Unprocessed foods have no added sugar, fat, or salt. Most also have more fiber.” ~ The Harvard Medical School Six Week Plan for Healthy Eating

It is not unusual at first glance to think in terms of all of the things you can’t have rather than the extensive range of foods included on the detox food guide. It is one thing to know that foods are selected on the basis of high nutritional value and easy digestibility, and another thing entirely to realize that some of your favorite deserts, comfort foods and beverages are off limits for sixty days.  Here is where one of the principles I learned from Jeff Olson in his book, The Slight Edge, applies to various aspects of anti-aging.

What’s uncomfortable early becomes comfortable later.

What’s comfortable early becomes uncomfortable later.”

~ Jeff Olson, The Slight Edge

The Detox Food Guide is for the 60 days of the detox only. Afterwards, more healthy food choices that are consistent with how you want to nourish your body for the next four or five decades become available.


Detox Program Supplements

Regardless of how healthy our diet is we all need to supplement the missing vitamins, minerals and enzymes our bodies require for complete assimilation of nutrients. The supplements for this program combine for three complementary purposes:

  1. Removal of impacted fecal matter from the full  length of the    intestines.
  2. Optimum digestive system support and optimal cellular nutrition.
  3. Anti-Aging. Slowing the causes of aging and counteracting the effects of a modern lifestyle and environment.

There are two supplements responsible for the complete cleansing of the digestive tract. Oxy-Powder, the 100% natural colon detox supplement that turns impacted fecal material turns it into liquid and gas by using oxygen and Kiwi-Klenz which balances digestion with an all natural “Pre-Biotic” that stimulates the growth of good bacteria while limiting the growth of harmful bacteria. Eliminates the need for probiotics.

Collagen is the most abundant structural protein in the body. Replacing the diminishing supply of collagen our aging bodies produce is essential for optimal support for various systems of the body. Hydrolyzed Collagen is an easily digested bio available supplemental source for all the amino acids needed to replenish the proteins required for all connective tissue, the heart, the lungs, the liver, the prostrate, muscles, arteries, hair, skin, cartilage, joints, discs, and other organs, 

Collagen - Premium Grass-fed Cold Processed, 1 Pound

Total Balance provides the perfect vitamin mineral and enzyme support our bodies need and also includes ingredients that reduce the five leading causes of aging.

Omega 3 / QH Ultra is the last supplement of the 60 Day anti-Aging Detox Program.  Omega 3 / QH Ultra delivers superior levels of purity, freshness, DHA content and bioavailability and offers the highest quality anti-inflammation protection. It contains two ingredients, Lyc-O-Mato® (a complex lycopene extract from tomato oil) and Natural astaxanthin (from algae), with test results that demonstrate significant improvement in skin’s smoothness, density and thickness. Omega 3/QH Ultra also contains Ubiquinol, the most bioactive form of CoQ10 for boosting your cardiovascular system for extra energy.


Detox Program Exercise

 The 60-Day Anti-Aging Detox program exercise regimen consists of doing a 30-minute exercise session with weights three days per week and on alternate days, twenty minutes of some other kind of action exercise. Steve and Becky Holman designed this strength training especially for men and women over 40. I found their program, Old School New Body, particularly appropriate for the detox program because it only requires doing four exercises with weights to deliver fast visible results. I experienced surprising results in the first three weeks! The other days allow exploration of other forms of exercises such as dancing, swimming, cycling, yoga, etc. 

Clinical trials have clearly shown that regular exercise can add years to life.  However, strength training can reverse the effects of the aging process. A recent study, conducted by researchers at McMaster University Medical Center in Hamilton, Ontario, showed that working out at the gym can actually reverse the aging process in the muscles. Not only did the participants become stronger, but the molecular mechanisms, which generate power for their muscles, became as active as those found in much younger people.

 Researcher Dr. Simon Melov said: "We were very surprised by the results. The fact that their genetic fingerprints reversed course so dramatically gives credence to the value of exercise, not only to as a means of improving health, but of reversing the aging process itself."

Your Magnificent
Second Half of Life Vision

The other components of the 60-day anti-aging detox program address responsibility for adding more years to your life and more life to your years… The Magnificent Second Half of Life Vision is concerned with addressing concerns of having a life worth living; specifically having a life worth living on your terms. Here, we will switch from physical anti-aging and into the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of maintaining your youth. We begin by exploring your current desires regarding Health, Relationships, Career and Finances for the second half of your life.  We intensify your desires to inspire action. During the course of the 60-day Anti-Aging Detox Program you will revisit your desires and proposed actions to impress them upon your subconscious mind.  You are programming yourself to create and achieve the life that you want

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